The Bicicletta

I love a good cocktail. Oh boy I do. However, I don’t claim to be an aficionado. And I dislike appending the label “snob” or even “nerd” after “cocktail”. Although, I am that person who specifies a gin to dry…

Change of course

Those are words spoken to me by Jillian Michaels as I stretch, sweat soaked, and thankful for the end of my workout.

283 Days

"When love is gone, where does it go?" – Afterlife, Arcade Fire I moved out of the home I created and shared with my husband and stepson 283 days ago.

Beets Me

Sliced beets

I spent most of my life utterly rejecting the beet because its was a red vegetable that wasn’t a tomato. No use in following that logic—it originates from a five-year old’s, picky-eater brain. And because, with the help of my…

Don’t Panic

View from Camel's Hump

When faced with a footwear decision between 12-year old L.L. Bean hiking boots covered in cobwebs, potentially fermenting in your closet or your comfy Nike tennis shoes you’ve already broken in because you wear them for other athletic excursions—I think…

Saturday Afternoon Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary with Genever

It’s a sunny Saturday after a week’s worth of bothersome weather. A mixture of rain, hail, and gusty wind hung around for way too long like an unwelcome house guest. Bright blue skies, lots of sun, and brisk air calls…

Music Memories

Driving Along

It had to be one-hit-wonder Spacehog’s song In the Meantime last Friday night. I needed it, just like I need that first sip of coffee in the morning—and I refuse to let anyone or any cat stand between me and…

Get Out and Do

Double Rainbow

In “A Man Without a Country” Kurt Vonnegut describes a day of physical transactions: buying a manila envelope from a general store, going to the post office to purchase stamps, dropping off an item in the mailbox, and so on.…

The Day Apple Broke My Heart

Tonight I’m eating ice cream against my will and it’s all Apple’s fault. Because today I discovered that Apple doesn’t really love me. I had thought we had a good thing going. I had thought Apple was looking out for…

Shortcuts Don’t Get You There Faster

Tilted Horizon 1

In high school, one of the first photo assignments my teacher issued was to photograph “tilted horizons.” Naturally, all the students came back with landscapes demonstrating (ahem) a tilted horizon. There was nothing to it. Find a straight horizon line…

How Social Sharing Kept Me Sane

Waves on the Lake

For the record: On Friday, September 2, I didn’t drown or get struck by lightning or drown because I was in a boat that was struck by lightning. Did I truly believe that one of those options could have been…